Monday, October 19, 2009


"Attention, passengers! The next inbound train to Alewife DOES NOT take customers. Please stand back from the Yellow Line."
And with that I remember one time when I walked into Shawmut Station waiting for my train to Park Street. And I heard a sinister voice saying, "Hell Bound Train Arriving!" Everybody scrambled away from the platform as a train that was black as ink and filled with flames passed through the station. We could hear the sounds of screaming people in torment. After it left Shawmut, some of us felt fear in our eyes.
"What was that?" I asked one of the commuters.
"It's called the 'Hell Bound Train,'" he explained. "It's a phantom train that passes through this station so often."
"Why's it called the 'Hell Bound Train' anyway?" I asked him.
"30 years ago," the commuter said, "a group of girls from a Catholic high school were on the train when a group of boys from a public school jumped them. They assaulted them and tortured them in every possible way. Once they were finished, they threw the girls out onto the opposite track, where they were run over by the outbound train."
"In between stations," the commuter continued, "the train started showing sparks and eventually became hot. The boys were the only ones on the train, and suddenly, the car they were on caught fire. Nobody else was on the train but them. They tried to get out, but suddenly, the car was surrounded by flames, killing them."
"My God!"
"And that's why the Hell Bound Train comes through at various times throughout the day," my friend concluded. "It's to remind those who have evil thoughts against women to see what will happen to them if they carry their intentions out."
Unbelievable! As I heard the words "Inbound train arriving," I wondered if I would ever encounter that "Hell Bound Train" again. I haven't seen it far.
To be continued...

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