Wednesday, April 9, 2008


"Find a wheel,
and it goes round and round..."

"Round and 'round we go and where we're heading nobody knows. But this morning, after I got on the train at Wollaston station on the Red Line, the train sped down until it collided with a waiting train at Quincy Center station-which was disabled. I had a few minor scrapes, but several other passengers were critically injured.

And one of them-an elderly woman-was pronounced dead at the hospital just 10 minutes ago.

All the people running the T are going to get it! Big time.

As I was being treated & released from the hospital, a group of Neo-Nazis were walking through the station calling for "the head of that Michole named Corrigan." Yeah, they were referring to Craig Corrigan, the current T General Manager. Suddenly, they met up with a group of Asians who beat the living crap out of every single one of them. They needed 2 dozen policemen to break up the melee.

Now I am at home recuperating and considering what kind of legal action I should take as a result of my "minor" injuries. As I'm watching the news of the T disaster, I learn that 4 people were killed instantly and 5 of the injured have also died. It's also been reported that the operator of the train that crashed into the other train refused to stop. He was killed when the train he was driving hit the one standing by at Quincy Center. He leaves a wife who's dying of Alzheimer's Disease and 3 disabled children.

And when I hear that his family has no insurance, I get the message and call Cooperative Bank Insurance so I will avoid this from happening to me in the future. And before I make the application, I urge the operator to see if the company can start a fund for that family.

"Are you kidding?" the operator tells me. "The bastard was a member of the American Nazi Party!"

Well, there's a development!

To be continued...