Wednesday, October 1, 2008


"Attention, Customers! Due to an earlier disabled train, as well as a switching problem at Harvard Square, we are experiencing severe delays in service. We regret any inconvenience this may cause. If you're late for work, however, we hope you get fired!"
"What the fuck does T management think they are?" one of the riders snarled on the platform at Wollaston station as the rain turned to ice, and then to snow, on a cold late November morning-the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, to be exact.
"I don't know what to tell ya," one of the passengers said as the Silver Bird train came into the station. The large crowd ran onto the train the minute the doors opened. Several people gave up their seats to allow the seniors and the pregnant ladies in the crowd to sit down. Many leaned against the door-a no no according to the T's rules-as it closed up. The train sped away.

At North Quincy Station, several dozen more people crushed into the train.
"Watch the doors, please!" the conductor shouted. "There's no more room on this train! There are several more trains behind us. Watch the doors; the doors will be closing."
"Stand by, please!" the station master on the platform shouted. "Stand by!"
The doors re-opened and the master said, "Ladies and gentlemen, this Boston bound train will be standing by for an undetermined time, owing to the earlier disabled train, and the ongoing signal problem in Harvard Square. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!"
"That sucks!" the conductor on the train shouted. The train stood by for nearly 10 minutes while a few more people got packed into the train "like a can of sardines," as someone once said. This caused quite a few of them to finally get out and wait for the next train.  After another 2 minutes, the station master said, "Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for your patience. This Boston bound train will be moving out."
The train finally sped out of North Quincy Station on its way to Boston. Unfortunately, as it was half way over the bridge that spanned the Neponset River, it fell off the tracks and plunged into the cold river. People didn't have time to react before it hit the water. It sank within seconds, killing more than 300 passengers. Only about 40 or 50 made it out.

"Attention, customers!" the voice on the intercom said. "Due to a tragic accident on the bridge outside of North Quincy Station, the Braintree branch of the Red Line is closed indefinitely. Shuttle buses will be operating between JFK-UMass station and Braintree station. Those people wishing to assist in rescue and recovery operations please take the Red Line to JFK-UMass station, where you'll be shuttled to the site."
As it was to be discovered, several inches of ice had accumulated the minutes after the rain had turned to ice. This meant very slippery conditions on the track itself. Somehow, the train had hit an icepack and had gone off the track. Before anyone had time to react, they were toast.
Those who did escape suffered from hypothermia and had to be taken to area hospitals.

To be continued...

Monday, September 15, 2008


This past weekend, as Hurricane Ike was causing pain along the Texas coast, another tragic train accident occured with the same cause-the engineer texting a message on his cell phone(and getting killed in the process). This time, it was a Metroliner train in Los Angeles colliding with a freight train. Over 20 people are dead, hundreds are injured(many of them seriously), and millions of dollars in damage has resulted.
This really breaks my heart to say this: those in charge of trains have to keep their minds on what they're doing. If they're transporting cattle, freight or people, they can't spend time texting or talking on a cell phone. This past summer, we heard about a woman who was killed while driving a T trolley because she was chatting on a cell phone.
When you are driving or operating machinery, you have to think about the task you're doing at that moment. You don't have time to chat or text on your cell. That's for before or after you're doing your task, not while you're doing it. Because when you are distracted by what's on your phone, you could get yourself in trouble. And you could end up taking a lot of people with you either to the hospital or the grave.
Think about it, won't you?

Friday, August 15, 2008


"If it's pity, we'll get some money! I'm just telling you facts! Pity? You don't want to be pitied...stay in your house!"
Jerry Lewis
"People with disabilities are proud citizens, not objects of pity! We will not stay in our houses!"
Protester of Jerry Lewis's telethon

Over 300 people had taken the commuter rail down to Plymouth to protest at the local events for the Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethon. Back in May, they'd heard Jerry Lewis putting down the disabled in his defense of the telethon. They wanted people to see them as they were-proud, tax-paying citizens who wanted equal access to what life had to offer, not objects of pity or sympathy. They'd been demeaned, and now it was time to speak up.
The skies were clear as a bell that day, as most September days are. A lot of people were spending their last weekend on the beach before heading home later in the day. And many of them were milling around the waterfront, where the telethon events were being held. Several stages of entertainment were planned, including the American Legion Band, the Tooting Tutsis, the Joshua Tree, and more.
The Tooting Tutsis(who were a bunch of kazoo players) led the people into the telethon area while the protesters set up their space across the street. One of the Tutsis hit a man with Down's Syndrome in the face. His mother kicked the lady in her butt, causing a fight to begin. Two Plymouth police officers intervened to break up the fight. Both combatants were arrested and taken to jail.
"Stop Treating Us With Pity!" "We Are Human Beings!" The crowd shouted as they watched a Mitsubishi Diamondvision Television set airing the telethon. The HD set had been donated by a local electronics retailer. Jerry was introducing a man who was suffering from Fredrick's Ataxia. He told the viewers that he was a "helpless victim" of his disease. Suddenly, the man pulled Jerry by his shirt tail and shouted, "I'm not a helpless victim, you fucking bastard!"
The crowd saw Jerry recoil as the man stood up and told him, "So what if I've got a neuromuscular disease? The important thing is, I'm still a very productive person! Let me tell you something. I've been elected to the Nevada State Senate, and I'm running for Governor of this state. I'm more productive in my chair than you are standing up..." Suddenly, Jerry buried his fist into the man's face, causing him to fall on his butt.
"Why didn't you just stay in your house?" Jerry shouted.
"Jerry, you're toast!" the man said, getting up and burying his foot into his groin section. Jerry collapsed onto his knees. Suddenly, everybody saw him wet his pants. Jerry got up and attacked the man, throwing him out of his wheelchair. It took several people to restrain the two, but the TV went to a "Please Stand By" slide. The people at the harbor front watched in horror as they went back to Chet Curtis slapping Natalie Jacobsen during the local segment.
"You shouldn't have burnt that dinner!" Chet shouted.
"You fuckin' wanted that steak..." Natalie screamed. Meanwhile, all the people at the phone bank sat there and cheering them on. The screen went blank as someone threw a rock right into the giant TV.

"Yes, sir," one of the protesters said. "Looks like New England's Newscenter Five made a mistake in getting those 2 jerks back together. They are such a bitchy couple."
"You can say that again," another protester said. "That guy's made over $2 billion to "help" his kids, but where does that money actualy go?"
"I'll tell ya," the first protester replied. "It all goes to overhead and paying off the executive staff."
"I'll bet ya Jerry takes a cut of the profits himself," the other protester said. "I wonder where he gets his toys at."

As the Legion Bud Band performed the "Washington Post" march on the main stage, a group of Neo-Nazis marched up the aisle shouting "Sieg Heil!" One of the members in the crowd threw a bottle into the leader, causing him to collapse on the ground. Two of the Neo-Nazis jumped on the man and beat the stuffings out of him before he pulled a gun and shot the two of them in the face.
"FREEZE! POLICE!" shouted one of Plymouth's finest.
Seeing the cops, the man surrendered saying, "I had to do it, sir. Those fucking Nazi scumbags were beating me up!"
"That's no excuse!" the cop said, snapping the cuffs on him. "If they die, you'll get the chair for this!"
"Well, bring it on!" the man said. "The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi!"
The crowd were stunned at this. One of the spectators burst into tears while one of the band members threw up on the dead Neo-Nazi. The concert was cancelled and the band was forced to get off the stage. Meanwhile, the TV announced that Chet had been arrested for beating up on Natalie.
As the Neo-Nazis walked away in mourning, some of the band members went after them and started kicking them around...


Wednesday, June 4, 2008


As you know, last week there was a tragic accident on the T's Green Line. I watched the news last Thursday when they showed the scene of the accident in Chestnut Hill. The paramedics did their best to help that T conductor, but when they announced she died, it broke my heart.
But when I heard that she'd been on her cell phone at the time of the accident, I couldn't believe the news! She was chatting on her cell and endangering the lives of her passengers. Also, she was speeding at nearly 40 m.p.h. (65 km/h) at a zone when she was supposed to drive the train at 10 m.p.h. (16 km/h).
This is what happens when people use their cell phones when they're behind the wheel. They don't pay attention to what's going on, and they either kill themselves or their passengers(or seriously injure them). Of course, we can't judge a person by his or her mistakes; only God can do that.
I think the time has come for anyone who has a cell phone to consider getting a hands-free device when they're driving; better yet, they should stay off the line until they get home. We have to avoid accidents as best as we can, and if it means not getting on the phone, then so be it. The safety of others supercedes one's wish to gossip on the line.
It's something to think about....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hi everyone, I posted an episode to my podcast, SONG OF THE DAY!.

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- Rchard

Monday, May 12, 2008


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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


"Find a wheel,
and it goes round and round..."

"Round and 'round we go and where we're heading nobody knows. But this morning, after I got on the train at Wollaston station on the Red Line, the train sped down until it collided with a waiting train at Quincy Center station-which was disabled. I had a few minor scrapes, but several other passengers were critically injured.

And one of them-an elderly woman-was pronounced dead at the hospital just 10 minutes ago.

All the people running the T are going to get it! Big time.

As I was being treated & released from the hospital, a group of Neo-Nazis were walking through the station calling for "the head of that Michole named Corrigan." Yeah, they were referring to Craig Corrigan, the current T General Manager. Suddenly, they met up with a group of Asians who beat the living crap out of every single one of them. They needed 2 dozen policemen to break up the melee.

Now I am at home recuperating and considering what kind of legal action I should take as a result of my "minor" injuries. As I'm watching the news of the T disaster, I learn that 4 people were killed instantly and 5 of the injured have also died. It's also been reported that the operator of the train that crashed into the other train refused to stop. He was killed when the train he was driving hit the one standing by at Quincy Center. He leaves a wife who's dying of Alzheimer's Disease and 3 disabled children.

And when I hear that his family has no insurance, I get the message and call Cooperative Bank Insurance so I will avoid this from happening to me in the future. And before I make the application, I urge the operator to see if the company can start a fund for that family.

"Are you kidding?" the operator tells me. "The bastard was a member of the American Nazi Party!"

Well, there's a development!

To be continued...

Sunday, February 10, 2008


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Now to give you folks, a break from Mr. Marley's trial, a bit of cancan!