Monday, September 15, 2008


This past weekend, as Hurricane Ike was causing pain along the Texas coast, another tragic train accident occured with the same cause-the engineer texting a message on his cell phone(and getting killed in the process). This time, it was a Metroliner train in Los Angeles colliding with a freight train. Over 20 people are dead, hundreds are injured(many of them seriously), and millions of dollars in damage has resulted.
This really breaks my heart to say this: those in charge of trains have to keep their minds on what they're doing. If they're transporting cattle, freight or people, they can't spend time texting or talking on a cell phone. This past summer, we heard about a woman who was killed while driving a T trolley because she was chatting on a cell phone.
When you are driving or operating machinery, you have to think about the task you're doing at that moment. You don't have time to chat or text on your cell. That's for before or after you're doing your task, not while you're doing it. Because when you are distracted by what's on your phone, you could get yourself in trouble. And you could end up taking a lot of people with you either to the hospital or the grave.
Think about it, won't you?

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