Monday, April 27, 2009


You're wondering why this blog exists? Well, let me explain.
I've been a fan of the Mass. Bay Transit Authority for years; in fact, I took 3 marathon joy rides on the T in the Lenten season of 1972! So I know just about the whole system. And when my parents called the cops on me, I really got in trouble. In fact, the last time I was caught on the T, the cop who caught me threatened to sic his attack dog on me.
Boy, was I frightened! And so were my parents, who sent me to bed without supper that time.

So here I am, coming out of Downtown Crossing(a.k.a. Washington Street), looking at a poster promoting the "Uncle George & Diane" season premiere saying "For Years, they've made you laugh. On September 22nd., they break your heart!" That's because the title couple are getting a divorce to start the series' fifth season. While Paul & Jamie were able to reconcile, this marriage is on the rocks. Especially since their series has never been able to crack the top 10 in the ratings. (Especially since their marriage was arranged by a financier!)

Anyway, the first time I took a joy ride on the T, I was carrying a gallon of milk in my hand, which I'd brought at the local grocery and was to have taken it home. It went with me all night. And when I finally got home, Mom and Dad were flabbergasted! (But that's for another day!)
The second time, I was on for 14 hours before I got a cab ride home from a guy who took me to the wrong house, before I forced him into the right address.
And the third time, that bully cop picked me up and took me to Dudley Square where he threatened to use his attack dog on me. Mom argued with the guy and took me home. I learned a tough lesson on how to get in trouble with the law.

I hear that they want to cut out weekend commuter rail service and cut back on the T itself on nights and weekend. If that happens, what'll happen to my joyrides?