Thursday, June 25, 2009


"The circus is here to stay!
The circus is here! Hurray!
Lions! Tigers! Elephants! Clowns!
Cruelty to animals! Accidents galore!
Daring young fools on the flying trapeeze!
No nets and they're dead
like the livid of yore!
Do you really want to go to this show?
I think not!"

Yep, he's outside the North Station T stop again. For the past 2 decades, he has been protesting the Jingaling Circus, the Happiest Show in Town. As he walks around and sings his song, he carries a sign that says, "This circus treats animals like shit!" Up until a few years ago, he was alone. But now, nearly a dozen protestors are walking around with him.
People from PETA, Friends of Animals and the Hitler Youth USA Fund for Animal Compassion(How the fuck did they get in there?!) are walking to the entrance of the TD Bank Garden(which also doubles up as the North Station commuter rail) passing out flyers about cruelty against animals in the circus.
"You've got blood on your hands!" one of the protestors says.
"Fuck you!" one of the ladies with several children in tow says to him.
"Anybody selling tickets?" a scalper says as he watches passers by going into the arena.
"Fuck you, asswipe!" a man with a 3 month old baby and a 3 year old daughter says to him.
"Don't you call me that!" the man replies. But before he can connect with his foe, the guy's into the train station. He calls out again, "Anybody selling tickets?"
"Don't go in there!" another protester shouts. "They're killing animals in there!"
"Magic wands on sale!" an elderly lady in fairy costume says near another entrance. "Arm thyself with magic! Only $12.95, half price for what you'd pay in the Garden. Give yourself a treat and save money!"
"Sieg Heil!" one of the Hitler Youth members shouts to a passerby.
"Butt out, ya fuckin' Nazi!" the lady says to him. This angers the young man and he races to attack the lady, but gets hit by a truck pulling out of the parking lot. Within seconds, the other protestors race to his rescue, but he refuses their help. One of them calls for an ambulance.

As the protesters break off to help one of their fallen comrades, the other Hitler Youth members hottail it out of there before they get caught by the cops. But 2 dozen of Boston's Finest(yeah, right!) surround them and arrest them on the spot. As for the man who got hit, he's pronounced dead at the scene.
"Serves that Nazi rght!" the fairy says as she helps out a customer.

After a brief memorial service, the protesters return to their assignment. Most of the patrons ignore it, but a few look at their flyers and head home. Although they know the kids will be disappointed, they believe that animal welfare is more important than paying for cruel enterainment.
"Arm thyself with magic!" the fairy yells as she continues selling her wands. "Save yourself a ton of money!"
"Do you take credit cards?" a potential customer asks.
"No," the lady says. And the man storms away angry and agitated. Meanwhile, several people who were met by the protesters have just come out of the show.
"I hope you enjoyed all that violence!" one of the protesters shouts.
"Fuck off!" a woman with 3 kids says to him in reply.

To be continued..

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