Friday, August 10, 2007


While Donna, Craig & I are waiting for the train to take us from Quincy Center to Harvard Square, the T Vision monitors are airing live coverage of the Coronation of Pope Patrick I live from the Vatican in Rome via satellite. All of the nation's top broadcast & cable networks are broadcasting the event, including all of the local stations here in Boston. The reason it's airing at noon here in the Boston is because the Carmelengo decided on an early evening ceremony Rome time.
At his own station, Pope Patrick-the former Cardinal Callahan of San Francisco-decided to take the initiative by asking for the ceremony to be celebrated according to the Motu Proprio rite, which means the Tridentine Mass according to the Missal of 1962. And of course, that means the whole ritual of processions, coronation, and all the rich material of the old church is being brought back to life for the world's 1 billion Catholics-and 5 billion others of all faiths and none-to view on their TVs & computers, as well as listeners on the radio.
As we watch, the carmelengo is chanting "Pater Sancte, Sit Transit Gloria Mundi." So the world's glory passes on, Holy Father. It tells the Holy Father, "You're mortal, too." Aren't we all, anyway? So now the procession enters the Basillica, led in by the Sacred College of Cardinals-including our own archbishop, Craig Cardinal O'Leary, who's over there in Rome today-and by countless dignitaries from around the world.
Meanwhile, a breaking news icon appears on the bottom of the screen that's carrying Channel 5's broadcast reporting that Cardinal O'Leary is reported to have been exposed as a Freemason & a Satanist.
Some of the people are shocked to see an illicit video of the Cardinal presiding over a bastardized communion rite last Holy Thursday, which was held at 11 p.m. that night, after he'd celebrated the Mass of the Lord's Supper at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross here in Boston. It's also revealed that he's been involved in a sex abuse ring involving high school girls in one of the public schools.
Our train arrives and we get onto it.

Over 20 minutes later, we get out at Harvard Square to see the Pope intone the Gloria, which is picked up by the Rome Symphony Orchestra & a choir of over 1,000 voices, including the Papal Chorale. The crowd is watching as more information about Cardinal O'Leary's membership in the Masons is analyzed, while 2 of the students from the school where the abuse took place-they're now enrolled in a Catholic High School-tell about Cardinal O'Leary's trying to make them join a Rainbow Girls assembly or else face death from him personally.
The sickness grows in everyone's stomach as news of the bastardized communion service is revealed in further detail. One of the people in the crowd throws up-on one of the T cops.
"I'm going to kill you, you bastard!" he shouts at the man and starts beating up on him.
"I didn't mean to do it," the man who threw up on him says.
"Too late, sucker," the cop says as he pounds at his face. Two of his supervisors come over and break the two men up, pulling the other man towards a waiting ambulance and the cop back into the office.
Thereporters on the local stations here in Boston promise more information later while the mass from Rome continues live on TV. The epistle is now being chanted in Latin, Greek, Hebrew & Esperanto with the commentators translating into English, Spanish & whatever other languages are being used to broadcast the service.
One of the guys turns the speaker on one of the monitors down and turns on 96.9 FM Talk on his radio. We watch what amounts to a silent movie while the radio host is talking about what's going on with Pope Patrick's Coronation and Cardinal O'Leary's involvement in the Freemasons.
"Thank God we got Mass last night," Maura comments.
"Me, too," I reply. "If we hadn't, we would be missing it today."
"Your plan was brilliant," Craig comments.
"Thanks," I smile back.
"And I say that it's a great waste of time and energy," a man behind me barks.
"What are you talking about?" Maura says.
"Fox & CBS have to cancel their NFL coverage because of this shit!" he retorts.
"Shut Up!" another man next to him shouts.
Near the entrance of the station, someone shouts "Heil Hitler!" He extends his arm out in the Nazi salute & goosesteps as the Gospel is sung in the same 4 languages at the Vatican. "Sieg Heil!" he shouts at the top of his voice.
Suddenly, he slips and lands flat on his butt. He gasps for air for nearly 5 minutes before finally catching his breath. 2 cops take him to the medical office down on the ground floor.

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