Friday, August 31, 2007


There was another occultic ritual last night along the former Mattapan high speed rail line. Ever since the T stopped the trolley between Ashmont Station in Dorchester & Mattapan Station in 2005, a group of cultist groups have performed different rituals. Everything from human sacrifice to initiations have been carried out on the line. Most of these are acted out inside the Cedar Grove Cemetery(the line runs through there).
Well last night, 2 teen girls were led into the cemetery where they were tied up and carried to the altar where they were being initiated into the Ladies of the Flowers, a quasi-sororitial group that were Christians who "worshipped God through the many floral arrangements in the flower shops." (Many of them were employees at flower shops or the floral markets in and around Boston.)
The head flower spoke to the girls saying, "Before you are initiated into our sorority, you must now swear an oath or obligation pertaining to this degree, which I, as the lead flower assure you, is only symbolic in nature, and will not conflict with your political or religous beliefs..."
Suddenly, a yell went out...
"T police! Freeze!"
There they were-a dozen T police officers with guns drawn. Suddenly, several T police vehicles came to take all the participants to the local police station.

To be continued...when I get back Wednesday...

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