Friday, May 30, 2014


"Are you going to rape me, Miss Utada?" Anthy Hashimoto said in a quivering voice as Miko Utada tied her wrists behind her back?"

"Are you kidding?" Miko said.  "I've been wanting to paint a portrait of you in danger.  I'm just saving time by taking photos of you here."  They were at an abandoned railroad track just off the Old Colony commuter rail fine in Plymouth.  Anthy was dressed in her her white dress with Miko dressed in her sweat suit, which she slipped out of, revealing a red tee shirt and a dark blue pleated skirt.

Anthy winced as Miko wrapped the rope around her torso and tied it just above her elbows.  She then laid her on the track before tying her knees and ankles together.  Once she was secured, Miko took out her digital camera and started taking photos of her.

"Help!" Anthy cried as she squirmed.  "Help!"  As she squirmed, her dress moved up her legs, revealing a black pair of panties, which were wet, since her bladder had broke during the photos shoot.

"Hold it!" a voice shouted.

It was someone from the T Police.  "What the fuck are you two doing?"

"I'm taking pictures of my friend," Miko said, "because I'm trying to do a painting called 'Tied To The Tracks.'"

"Not here you won't," the cop said.  "Take off both of you before I have you arrested for trespassing."

"Don't worry," Anthy smiled as Miko picked her up.  "We got all the photos we need.  Bye."

The cop watched as they disappeared down the street.

"Okay, Miko, your turn," Anthy said as they arrived at the beach.  Miko sat down while her hands were wrenched and tied together by Anthy, who was still tied up at the moment.  She used the rest of the long coil to wrap around her torso.  After that, she crossed her ankles and bound them in a tight fashion.

"Hey," Miko said, "you didn't give me a chance to untie you."

"Well," Anthy smiled, "I wanna do this with both hands tied behind my back."  She started taking a photo shoot while Milo squirmed.  "Help me," she said.  "Help me!  Help!  Help!"  Her skirt rode up her thighs, revealing her white panties.

"That's enough," a voice said.  It was one of those Plymouth cops.  "How many times do I have to tell you ladies?  No weird sex on the beach!"

"We don't mean no harm," Miko replied.  "We're just trying to do some photos."

"Well, do it at home," the cop said.  Anthy untied Miko's ankles and they both ran off the beach and back up the street.

"Well, Anthy," Miko said, "it's getting to be that you just can't make a kinky living."

"Well, Miss Miko," Anthy said, "not much you can do about that."  They went back to their cottage where they started developing their photos.  And they were still tied up, if you can believe it."

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