Wednesday, September 14, 2011


There were fights breaking out all over the Plymouth Waterfront as the Jerry Lewis Terethon was showing a memorial tribute to a young naval officer who'd died from Lou Gherig's Disease 2 weeks earlier. His wife was weeping as she related the gory details of his death and how it took a toll on her family. After the film ended, Jerry introduced the now widowed lady who thanked all of the viewers for their support.

The Legion Bud Band had been chased on the stage after the Neo-Nazi attack. Now, a group of ladies with kazooes called The Tooting Tootsies were being booed off by the crowd. One of the ladies threw one of her kazooes into a cop.

Big mistake. The cop arrested her and charged her with assault.

You could have seen the number of people being arrested and brought into the police station in Plymouth over the entire afternoon. Meanwhile, a Pilgrim saw what was going on and mused, "Verily, the mob hath a legion of demons within them!" How many more would be brought in before the day was out?

A number of the protesters were arrested and charged with all kinds of charges from breaking and entering to destruction of property. But still, there were a few who made it back to the commuter rail for the train home. As the festivities continued on the waterfront, dozens more protesters started to come in and began to up the ante.

On the train back, the protesters felt really upset at what had happened during the day. They'd only wanted to protest Jerry Lewis's using of pity to raise money. What they'd done was cause a row, in which thousands had gotten hurt and many more had been arrested.

To be continued...

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