Wednesday, August 4, 2010


"Tonight at 6!" the female announcer said in a exciting tone. "Live from London! New England TV presents 'Elvis In Concert!' A videotaped Elvis will appear on a 3D video screen at the Wembley Stadium while the London Symphony Orchestra and; many of his former band members will perform live! You'll also enjoy guest appearances by Toni Tennille, Bobby Rydell, Lisa Marie Presley, Tori Amos, Olivia Newton John, Terry Jacks and more! Join us for Elvis In Concert Live from London! Tonight at 6 and presented in 3D on New England TV!"
At the MBTA Control Center, the people weren't worried about the upcoming event. They were working on several delays in service. On the Red Line, a Silverbird train had jacknifed as it came into Charles Street station, leaving the track and crossing over the Commonwealth Bridge before crashing into the Charles River. Several people were dead and dozens were injured. The line had to be closed between Park Street and Kendall Stations, with bus service replacing the already snarled trains.
On the Green Line, 2 trolleys had crashed into each other at Park Street station; one of them had gone onto Outbound track 1 when it crashed into a trolley that was going the wrong way and had taken that track to get into the station instead of the Inbound track it was supposed to use. The drivers of both vehicles were dead and several passengers were hurt. One of the trolleys had fallen on its side, crushing a woman who was covering her baby to prevent it from being killed. The train gonig outbound was headed for Cleveland Circle while the train it crashed into was on its way to government center. The entire Green Line had to be shut down and buses were put in service.
On the Orange Line, 2 trains were racing each other on the tracks when the train on the Forest Hills bound track smashed into a stopped train between Chinatown and Downtown Crossing station. The force of the impact caused the trains to split into several parts and spill over to the opposite track. The train going the wrong way on the Oak Grove track barely escaped the wreckage, only to crash into a train entering the Chinatown station. When those trains collided, they smashed into the already 2 ruined trains. All of the drivers of the 4 trains and more than 70 passengers were dead. Over 800 people were injured, and a fire had started on the two trains on the Forest Hills bound line, threatening to blow up and kill everyone in the 2 stations. As the fire crews rushed to the scene, people were scrambling out of both stations and cauasing riots in the Downtown area. Buses were called into service between Forest Hills and State Street Station.
On the Blue Line, a train had exploded in the tunnel between Government Center and Aquarium stations. More than 400 people had been killed in the explosion. As the train came into Aquarium station, the waiting commuters were shocked to see the fires engulfing the passengers inside. Once more, the shuttle buses were set into action between Government Center and Airport Stations.
The supervisors on duty were frantic to get all their buses on the suspended lines, but a lot of them were still busy with their school runs.

To be continued....

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