Monday, October 8, 2007


"Okay, last call, everyone! Time, gentlemen & ladies, time!"
Last call for drinks at Kimberly's Bar & Lounge inside Chestnut Hill Station on the Riverside branch of the Green Line. Because the fourth game of the World Series had ended so late(the San Diego Padres had swept the Red Soc in four straight), people were getting pissy-assed drunk. One of the patrons watched the Grand Slam that ended it in top of the 12th. and threw a beer bottle into the plasma TV, causing it to explode into pieces.
"What the devil did you just do?" Kimberly, the bar woman shoouted.
"I hate the fucking Padres," the patron said before collapsing off of his chair and onto the floor. Several patrons saw this and called 911 on their cellphones. Meanwhile, Kimberly leapt over and helped the man to a nearby table. "Get some blankets or a coat," she shouted. "We gotta keep this guy warm until the ambulance comes."
Another patron who was corroded shouted, "Let that old bag rot in jail!"
One of the other nearby patrons started beating up on him, but the guy fought back.
"Right to the end, you said you were gonna drink the whole bottle!" he shouted.
Meanwhile, someone turned on the radio and played a station that was playing "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" by Joan Baez.
"Hey," another customer said. "I remember hearing that song in the 70s. Although I imagined Duchess the Cat from 'The Aristocats' singing it. Just like I imagined Snow White singing 'Those Were The Days' by that Mary Hopkin."
"Come on over and help me, damnit!" Kimberly shouted to him. "The rest of you clear out of here before the cops come and take you out!"

To be continued....

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